This conference will gather biomathematicians from around the world to honour the work of Prof. Michael Mackey, from McGill University, on his 70th birthday. The conference is part of a thematic program called "Mathematical Biology" that will be held in Lyon during the first semester of 2013 (see the right panel), and which is funded by the Labex Milyon.



Deadline for Abstract Submission: April 1st.
The conference will offer the opportunity to present research contributions via oral presentations. A one-page abstract (either in Latex or Text format!) should be submitted before April 1st, by clicking on the "Abstract Submission" menu in the left panel.

Deadline for Registration: May 1st.
Registration to the conference is free but mandatory. If you submit an abstract, don't forget to register as well.
In order to register, please click on the "Register" menu in the left panel.
You are also encouraged to register to the "Mathematical Biology" thematic program, on the following website:



Albert Goldbeter (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Philip Maini (Oxford, UK)

Ryszard Rudnicki (Institute of Math., Univ. of Silesia, Poland)

Vitaly Volpert (Univ. Lyon, France)



Fabien Crauste (Univ. Lyon, France)

Samuel Bernard (Univ. Lyon, France)

Laurent Pujo-Menjouet (Univ. Lyon, France)

Moises Santillan (Univ. Monterrey, Mexico)



This conference is part of the thematic program "Mathematical Biology" that will take place in Lyon, from March 4th to June 14th, 2013 (








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